A Perilous Winter

Character Creation Guidelines

This campaign will consist of Rasputin Must Die (RoW5), several set-pieces from Witch Queen’s Revenge (RoW6), as well an introductory adventure to provide the PCs with their motivation.

Starting Level: 12
Point Buy: 22

There are several permanent bonuses in the earlier books, so I’ve rolled the stat boost into the point buy

Reign of Winter Campaign Traits are allowed, but not required. Your character should either be a citizen of Magnimar or a frequent visitor.

Variant Multi-classing
Characters are limited to a single regular class and a single prestige class, as well as being permitted to pick a variant class.

Due to this limit, any Half-Elf with Multitalented may take a favored class bonus of their variant class whenever they gain a level – including a prestige class level.

Since Gunslinger VMC is a trap and the Trench Fighter archetype is from this book, I’m allowing it to be used with the Fighter VMC. Trench Fighter VMC replaces Armor Training 1 and 2 with the first two instances of Trench Warfare.

Other Notes
-Classic Rogue skills will be useful, unless you enjoy being shot at by snipers.

-There will be little access to magical gear or services after a certain (obvious) point.

-Magic will function properly on Earth.

-The most common enemy type will, unsurprisingly, be Human. The least common is Aberration.

-If it ends up mattering, the deities active on Earth are Buddha (N), Cthulhu (CE), Jesus (NG), Lucifer (LE), and Yahweh/Allah (LG). All others have been slain or left.

-The Leadership feat is generally off-limits, with exceptions. There’s at least one NPC willing to become a cohort if you meet certain requirements.


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